Cleanroom Double Knit 100% Polyester Wipers 9"x9" (Starting at 1 Box with 1,800 Wipes per 12 Bags) (No. CP14009)

Select Options: 1-Box (12 Bags 1800 Wipes) ($22.94/Bag)
Sale price$275.30


Previous Product No. IPC-0909-150 Now CP14009. Same product.
Buy More, Save More! Product No. CP14009 12 Bag/Per Box
Options 1-Box 5-Box 10-Box
Total Bags 12 60 120
Total Wipes  1,800  9,000 18,000
Price/Bag $22.94 $20.78 $18.89
Retail Price/Bag $26.99    
Discount Per Bag (%) 15% 23% 30%
Total Price  $275.30  $1,246.94  $2,267.16
Delivery (Days)  ~5-20 days  ~5-20 days  ~5-20 days
Unit of Measure (UofM): Box. The number of bags per box is specified in the product description below.
The quoted price includes the shipping fee, but tax is not included.
To obtain tax exemption, send the required forms and documents to
For bulk orders of more than 10 boxes, or if you wholesaler/distributor, request a quote by contacting
If less than 1 Box, please visit our store at Amazon:
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Features: 100% High-Strength Polyester Microfiber Cleanroom Cloth with laser cut, ultrasonically sealed edges. Manufactured in a class 10-100 cleanroom environment and laundered in ultra-pure water. Extremely soft, non-abrasive, fast-drying, high-density weave for increased absorption, and high-strength, lint-free synthetic fibers for durability.
  • Applications: Wide range of cleaning applications, including automotive, manufacturing, cleanroom, and laboratory settings. Suitable for removing excess solder paste in SMT electronics factories, cleaning various electronic, mechanical, electrical, optical, and precision instruments, and sensitive components such as printing machines, lenses, microelectronics, and workstation surfaces.
  • Packaging: 9" x 9", 150 wipes per bag, with proper edge treatment and sealed in poly bags. One box contains 12 bags or 1,800 wipes.
  • Customization: Available options include size, cleanliness level, packaging, and dispensing, with small orders, ODM, and OEM accepted.

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