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  • AAWipes Laser Cut with Ultrasonically Sealed Polyester lint-free wipes are our customers’ most popular polyester wipers. They are manufactured in Class 10-100 (ISO Class 4-5) cleanroom environment, laundered in ultra-pure water, and hermetically sealed. Extremely soft, non-abrasive material. Fast-drying, high-density weave (200 g/m2) that increases absorption multiple times. High-strength, lint-free, synthetic fiber filaments resist wear and tear, extremely low in fiber and particle generation as well as chemical extractives, this wipe is a special soft virgin polyester.

    • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 12″X12"
    • Suitable for Class 100+ ISO5
    • Laundered to remove any particles
    • Laser cut with ultrasonically Sealed
    • Ultra-soft, non-scratch, lint-free
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