Collection: Sticky Mats

  • 【KEEP PLACES CLEAN】 AAwipes Adhesive/tacky/sticky mats are made of premium PVC film coated with Eco-friendly water-based adhesive. They are 0.5 micrometers thicker than normal sticky mats so they are more effective particle reducing surface to reduce traffic-borne contaminants. Easy to remove the dust, dirt, and small debris.
  • 【CLEAN GUARD TO YOUR WORKSPACE OR HOME】 We use water-based eco-friendly adhesive materials. They can effectively reduce traffic-borne contaminants, around 95 percent of particles in the 0.30-micron range can be removed. After many rounds of stepping, the mats are still able to absorb the particles and dust.
  • 【EASY TO APPLY】 The corner of each tacky mat sheet shows Label #1-#30, clearly indicating the consumed quantity. 10 mats are included in the box with 30 sheets in each mat, a total of 300 sheets of sticky footpads are sufficient to provide protection for 10 places at the same time. One case includes 20 boxes or 6,000 sheets in total. Just use the sticky mat at high traffic areas like entryways, walkways of cleanroom, offices, laboratories, the hospital where contamination from shoe-sole and traffic-wheels particulates need to be controlled.
  • 【EASILY EXPOSE A BRAND NEW LAYER】 The peel-off sheets eliminate the need for tedious cleaning. To remove a dirty layer, just peel and tear off the top layer to reveal the next clean layer of a sticky mat. The bottom corner of each tacky mat sheet shows the label #1-#30 for easy replacement in each mat.
  • 【BROAD APPLICATIONS】 Our professional products have proven themselves effective in a variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing, hospital, lab, biotechnology, automotive, construction, health care, manufacturing, semiconductor or even at-home entrance/garage, indoor sports, warehouses and so on. They can be used in the household to protect your family and your lovely pets.
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