Collection: Nonwoven Cellulose/Polyester Wipes (68gsm)

AAWipes Cleanroom Nonwoven Cellulose/Polyester wipes (68 gsm) are our most popular products in a variety of applications including lab, electronics, pharmaceutical, printing and semiconductor industries. They are fabricated from a hydro-entangled, nonwoven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. This fabric blend combines the highly absorbent properties of a natural fiber with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic wiper. They are also called “cleanroom paper towels”. They are absorbent, will not tear or shred, and can be used with most cleanroom cleaning chemicals.

  • Sizes from 4″x4″ to 12"X12"
  • Most popular lint-free wipe
  • Highly absorbent
  • Smooth, will not scratch surfaces
  • Cleanroom “paper towel”
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