Collection: Anti-static ESD Wipes

AAWipes lint-free ESD antistatic polyester cleanroom wipes are high-quality virgin polyester fibers with conductive carbon yarns (dark lines throughout the wipers) that are continuously filamented throughout the no-run knit construction process.

 The wipers can dissipate electrical charges effectively, making them a perfect wiping choice for sensitive surfaces and processes. The anti-static wipes prevent build-up of electrostatic charge via the carbon fiber strands that dissipate electrostatic charge. These wipes are ideal for wiping sensitive electronic components and tools, including battery panels, liquid crystal displays, and other product surfaces in ESD-sensitive areas. It can be used in nearly all industrial fields which require static control, including PCB, SMT, microelectronics, medicine, semiconductor, LCD, and many others.

 The wipers have low in particles and extractables. these strong, durable wipers are recommended for the removal of dry contaminants and particulates, as well as oil stains. These anti-static ESD wipes have been treated by vac-sealed packaging in a strictly controlled cleanroom environment.


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