Polyester-Carbon Blend ESD Safe Wiper Electronic Compoment Metal Wiping Anti-Static ESD Wipes 9"x9" (No. CE16009 100 Bags for MAC)

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  • ANTI-STATIC MATERIAL: Made of high-quality virgin polyester fibers with conductive carbon yarns (dark lines throughout the wipers) that are continuously filamented throughout the no-run knit construction process. The wipers can dissipate electrical charges effectively, making them a perfect wiping choice for sensitive processes.
  • ADVANTAGES: Excellent anti-static performance, and excellent solvent absorbance. It can effectively remove dust and oil loss. Both sides have ESD properties, unlike similar wipers that are dissipative on only one side. Extremely low linting and low in chemical extractable. Cleanroom laundered, vac-sealed in cleanroom bags.
  • APPLICATIONS: Anti-Static cleanroom wiper cloths are ideal for wiping sensitive electronic components and tools, including battery panels, liquid crystal displays, and other product surfaces in ESD-sensitive areas. It can be used in nearly all industrial fields which require static control, including PCB, SMT, microelectronics, medicine, semiconductor, LCD, and many others.
  • PACKAGING: 9" Length x 9" Width (22.86 cm x 22.86 cm), 100 pack/bag, 20 bag/1 box. All of these Anti-Static clothes have been treated by vac-sealed packaging in a strictly controlled cleanroom environment. 
  • CUSTOMIZED DESIGN AVAILABLE: AAWipes provides customized products for different wipes with a variety of choices in sizes, cleanliness levels, packaging options, and dispensing options to suit your cleanroom supplies needs. (Small Order Acceptable, ODM Accepted, OEM Accepted).

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