Collection: Ultrafine Microfiber Wipes (Polyester-Polyamide)

Description: AAwipes' premium cleanroom ultrafine microfiber wiper is constructed from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (180 gsm).  It is able to sweep dirt away from even the most delicate surface. They are durable, with excellent tensile, tear and bursting strength; They are strong chemical and abrasion resistance as well. All wipers are tested and manufactured in ISO-compliant facilities. These wipes are made of extremely soft, non-abrasive material. Fast-drying, high-density weave that increases absorption multiple times.
Features 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (180 gsm)
● Laser cut with ultrasonically sealed edges, laundered in ultra-pure water, and hermetically sealed.
● High absorbency and abrasion resistance
● Chemical compatible with IPA, ethanol, and other common solvents
● Low levels of particulate and extractable counts
● High-strength, lint-free, ultrasoft synthetic fiber filaments resist wear and tear
● Available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications
● Customized products and private labeling services are possible. 
Applications Our cleanroom wipes are designed for a diverse array of cleaning applications from automotive and manufacturing to cleanroom and laboratory settings. Use in SMT electronics factories to remove excess solder paste. Clean a variety of electronic, mechanical, electrical, optical, and precision instruments. Applicable to different types of sensitive components such as printing machines, fiber optics, lenses, microelectronics, and even workstation surfaces.
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