Originating from a reputable college town Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who decided to help to build a cleaner environment together. So, we started to integrate vertically the cleaning supplies in cleanroom, from design, production across the whole supply chain, by this way we can ensure tighter quality control and better price for our valuable customers. Our combined experience in development, production, quality control, logistics, branding and marketing spans over 30 years. Collectively we share a passion, knowledge and competency in the cleaning field and are fully committed to supporting our end-users in achieving their optimal needs for a well-controlled cleanliness. 

For this ever-growing and changing industry, we have put forth an easy-to-use e-commerce experience offering our customers a wide variety of cleanroom sanitary supplies of the high quality, as well as quite a few derivative cleaning products in different fields such as automotive, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, food industry, manufacturing. Our goal is to direct our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the professional and innovative cleaning, even customized solution with AA quality. Hopefully, you’ll like it very much as we do and have a great shopping experience on our online store at www.aawipes.com. 

Numerous products have been listed on our website, browse to search for different categories, ranging from general nonwoven polyester/cellulose cleanroom wipes, lint free polyester wipers, microfiber wipes, biodegradable viscose wipers, to anti-static polyester/carbon yarn wipes. Recently, cleanroom sticky mats in different sizes/colors and precision swabs are introduced into AAwipes portfolio. We hope AAWipes.com is the perfect E-commerce store for you to shop for all kinds of cleaning and sanitary items, particularly for industrial and commercial use.

We welcome wholesale customers of all shapes and sizes. To qualify you must be a legitimate business and apply through the website. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and welcome you to the AAwipes family.