Premium Cleanroom Supplies

AAwipes is the leading brand specialized in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products. Our diverse product lineup includes, but is not restricted to, lint-free cleanroom wipes, cleanroom swabs, sticky mats, and numerous other solutions for critical cleaning needs.

Premium Cleanroom Supplies

Our products including, but not limited to, lint free cleanroom wipes, cleanroom swabs, sticky mats and more.

Premium Cleanroom Supplies

Our goal is to be the world leading brand in cleanroom supplies you can trust, and to bring you certified, high quality sanitary supplies in a wide array of needs.

Cleanroom Wipes Collection

Cleanroom Swab Collection

High quality, lint free, different head shapes

Cleanroom Sticky Mats


AAwipes, as an IEST Corporate member, is pleased to announce that the IEST fall meeting EDUCON 2023 will be held from November 13-16, 2023, in Schaumburg, Illinois. For more details, visit