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AAwipes is specialized in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products. Our products including, but not limited to, lint free cleanroom wipes, cleanroom swabs, sticky mats and more. Our goal is to be the world leading brand you can trust to bring you certified, high quality sanitary supplies in a wide array of needs.


AAWipes cleanroom product portfolio

I. Nonwoven Wipes (Polycellulose 68 gsm)

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II. Nonwoven Wipers (Polycellulose 56 gsm)

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III. Double Knit 100% Polyester Wipers

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IV. ESD Safe Wipers (Polyester-Carbon)

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V. Cleanroom Sticky Mats

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VI. Cleanroom Cleaning Swabs

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Hot Selling Products

Lowest lint left behind compared to other brands I've tried as well as being the most cost effective (lowest amount per wipe). The uses are endless for streakfree/lintfree cleaning and despite being disposable, I still reuse them for certain cleaning tasks (for streakless counters) and they still do a great job.


They arrived in a timely fashion and are exactly what I need. I love them for cleaning the finished car bodies in my garage, as they are virtually lint-free and capable of removing dirt and debris. I will continue to order in the future and also recommend to my friends when they are looking for the same types of products at a good price.

Moe Ali

No frills but exactly what I was looking for. Works extremely well for cleaning flux from PCBs.

Robert Ziuchkovski

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