Superfine Microfiber Wipes Irregular Woven Linen 6"x6" (Starting at 1 Box 4,000 Wipes per 40 Bags) (No. MFR14006)

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  • Engineered for Effective Cleaning: Lightweight, ultrasoft fabric made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide with a randomized, textured weaving pattern. This maximizes surface contact for efficient and effective cleaning, even in tight corners and crevices. The laser-sealed edge prevents lint generation, making it lint-free cloth and with low particulate count, ideal for cleanroom use.
  • Efficient Residue Removal: Can easily remove residues from a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, and plastic. Its high conformability allows for improved single-pass cleaning efficiency and reduced time and effort. The lightweight design also minimizes physical strain during cleaning.
  • Improved Single-Pass Cleaning: Unique weaving pattern and high conformability lead to efficient and effective cleaning in a single pass. Reduces overall cleaning time and effort, with a lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Convenient Packaging: 100 wipes per bag, 6 inch x 6 inch size, easy to store, transport, and dispose of. Ideal for use in critical environments.
  • Suitable for Critical Environments: Low particulate count, lint-free design, and laser-sealed edge make it suitable for cleanroom use. Its lightweight, high conformability and efficient residue removal make it valuable for cleaning tasks in a range of settings.

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