4.8" Polyester Swabs (1,000 pcs, Length/Head Width =122 mm/12 mm, Flat Rectangular) (No. A7166A)

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  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】 AAwipes Lint-free microfiber tip swabs are equipped with double-layer knitted superfine polyester heads, possessing the highest level of cleanliness and excellent solvent resistance. The cleanroom swabs can effectively eliminate any tiny dirt from any delicate surfaces or hard-to-reach areas.
  • 【Great Tool for Cleaning in Narrow Places】 AAwipes Superfine Fiber Clean Swabs work well in both macro and micro work. As large tips are thermally bonded to the handles, and the cleaning swabs do not contain any glue or adhesives residues by themselves. They are able to access ultra-narrow crevices, e.g. to remove adhesive tape residues, or excess lubricant oil in PCB board, and firearms, leaving no dust and lint behind. Shaft is made of durable material polypropylene.
  • 【Attibutes & Packaging】Head width/thickness/length=12/3.5/25.0 mm; Shaft width/thickness/length=5.5/2.5/97.0 mm. Total swab length=122 mm. They are produced and packed in Class 100-1000 Cleanroom, the Microfiber detailing swabs exhibit low particles and ion content, free from silicone and amide.
  • 【Excellent Compatibility with Solvents】These cleaning swab sticks have excellent compatibility with most known solvents including alcohol and acetone. It has excellent absorbency and solvent-holding capacity for easy cleaning.
  • 【Multi-Purpose】Swabs are also great to clean firearms as gun cleaning swabs or clean inkjet printer heads as Inkjet Printer cleaning swabs, or to cleaning optical instruments like cameras and optical Lens, or to cleaning electronics, e.g. PCB board cleaning swabs or hard disc swab, or used in scientific labs as lab swabs, or in garage doors, cars, music instruments like flute, or to use as cleaning swabs for keyboards and smartphones, car, arts & crafts, sewing machines, and for Roland Optics.

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