Household items lead testing swabs Kit (Sarting from 200 Pcs Lead Check Swabs) Results in 20-Seconds by Using Water Only, No White Vinegar Required. Lead Test Strips for Home, Paints, Dishes, Toys, Metal, Ceramics, Wood (LSB200)

Size: 1000 pcs/50 packs
Sale price$249.99


  • [Rapid Results in 20 Seconds and Value Pack of 20 in Sealable Bag] Our Lead Paint Test Swab provides quick results in under 30 seconds (around 20 Seconds), detecting lead in materials with high sensitivity. The AAwipes Lead Test Kit (LSB20) includes 20 instant test swabs in the bag for lead detection, one of the most economical option available for lead test at home.
  • [Simple and Water-Based] Using the swab is effortless. Wet the swab tip with tap water (no vinegar needed) for 5-8 seconds, shake off excess liquid, and once the tip turns mustard yellow, rub it on the surface for 30 seconds.
  • [Clear Result Interpretation] Easily interpret the results with high selectivity. Compare the color of the lead check swab with the provided reference colors. Red/Purple/Pink indicates lead detection, while Yellow means no lead detected. The package of the lead testing kit includes user-friendly instructions on how to use the swabs and to interpret the test results. 
  • [Versatile Usage] These Lead Testing Swabs are versatile and suitable for testing various surfaces at home, including dishes, toys, pottery, jewelry, woodwork, bathtub glazes, antiques, plumbing, and even painted metal ceramic surfaces.
  • [Safe Disposal] Disposal is hassle-free as you can toss the swab into your regular trash without concerns, thanks to our completely non-toxic swabs. The bag is designed to be sealable for storage convenience. For safety, please store these swabs out of reach of children and pets, and avoid direct contact with the swab head and any oral use.

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