Tacky Matting for Clean Environments Sticky Mats 18"X24" Blue for Microelectronics, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals,Food Processing, Hospital, Lab, Health Care, Manufacturing, Semiconductor(6,000 Sheets/200 Mats/20 Boxs/Case) (No. IPSM-1824-300-B)

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Total Boxes

20 boxes

40 boxes

100 boxes

Total Sheets

6,000 Sheets

12,000 Sheets

30,000 Sheets














 ~30 days

~30 days

~30 days

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If you want to purchase more than 5 cases, please contact support@aawipes.com for a quotation.

If less than 20 boxes or 1 case, please visit our store at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/C9E232AE-D06D-4F6B-BA4C-C84E249DAE57

  • 【KEEP PLACES CLEAN】 AAwipes Adhesive/tacky/sticky mats are made of premium PVC film coated with Eco-friendly water-based adhesive. They are 0.5 micrometers thicker than normal sticky mats so they are more effective particle reducing surface to reduce traffic-borne contaminants. Easy to remove the dust, dirt, and small debris.
  • 【CLEAN GUARD TO YOUR WORKSPACE OR HOME】 We use water-based eco-friendly adhesive materials. They can effectively reduce traffic-borne contaminants, around 95 percent of particles at the 0.30-micron range can be removed. After many rounds of stepping, the mats are still able to absorb the particles and dust.
  • 【EASY TO APPLY】 The corner of each tacky mat sheet shows Label #1-#30, clearly indicating the consumed quantity. 10 mats are included in the box with 30 sheets in each mat, and a case has 10 boxes with a total of 6,000 sheets of sticky footpads. Just use the sticky mat at high traffic areas like entryways, walkways of cleanroom, office, laboratory, the hospital where contamination from shoe-sole and traffic-wheels particulates need to be controlled.
  • 【EASILY EXPOSE A BRAND NEW LAYER】 The peel-off sheets eliminate the need for tedious cleaning. To remove a dirty layer, just peel and tear off the top layer to reveal the next clean layer of a sticky mat. The bottom corner of each tacky mat sheet shows the label #1-#30 for easy replacement in each mat.
  • 【BROAD APPLICATIONS】 Our professional products have proven themselves effective in a variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing, hospital, lab, biotechnology, automotive, construction, health care, manufacturing, semiconductor or even at home entrance/garage, indoor sports, warehouses and so on. They can be used for the household to protect your family and your lovely pets.

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