Lead Poisoning Detection AAwipes Lead Test Swab Kit (Starting from 50 Jars 4000pcs swabs, 80 Pcs/Jar Rapid Home Testing Swabs, 30-Second Results Dip in Water). Home Use, Painted, Dishes, Toys, Jewelry, Metal, Ceramics, Wood (LS80-200)

Size: 2400 pcs/30 bottles
Sale price$469.00


  • 80 Counts Value Pack with Long Shelf Life: Each box contains 80 Pcs of the Lead Test Kit, providing a cost-effective and valuable solution. Shelf life is 2 years.
  • 30 Seconds Instant Results: Obtain quick results in under 30 seconds with the highly sensitive Lead Paint Test Swab.
  • Use Water: Wet the swab tip under water (No vinegar needed) for 5-8 seconds, shake off excess liquid. Once the swab tip turns mustard yellow, promptly rub the painted surface for 30 seconds.
  • Easy Test Result Interpretation: After rubbing the painted surface, compare the color of the lead test swab with the reference colors on top or bottom. Red/Purple/Pink indicates lead detection, while Yellow means no lead detected.
  • High Selectivity & Versatile Range of Use: These Lead Testing Swabs are suitable for various surfaces, such as dishes, toys, pottery, jewelry, woodwork, bathtub glazes, antiques, plumbing, and more. Note: Keep away from children and pets, avoid touching the swab head with your hands, and refrain from putting it into your mouth.

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