Tack Cloths (100-Pack 100% Cotton Rags, Light Yellow, 18" X 36") Professional Grade Remove Dust, Clean Surfaces for Woodworking, Painting, Automotive, Metal, Sanding, Buffing (TC1836100Y-100)

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Color: Yellow
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  • AAwipes Superior Tack Cloths 10-pack: Individually wrapped, large (18" x 36" ), tear-resistant, gold-colored soft cotton mesh cloths for efficient dust and particle removal. Set of Tack cloth for sanding – suitable for all finishes
  • Advanced micro-apertured fabric: Effectively traps and eliminates surface particles and smudge, providing a clean surface for automotive painting or woodworking varnish applications.
  • Professional-grade quality: Cloths with optimal tackiness, designed for refinish and finishing experts to prevent residue accumulation.
  • Free of wax and silicone, with anti-static features: Ideal for prepping surfaces before using waterborne and solvent paints, lacquers, varnishes, and stains.
  • How to use: Gently wipe the surface and periodically refold the soiled cloth to reveal a fresh section, ensuring comprehensive removal of dust, dirt, lint, and other particulates. Ideal for buying tack cloths in bulk, catering to the requirements of both hobbyists and professionals who need tack cloths for automotive and woodworking purposes.

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