AAwipes Trumpet Cleaning Cloths Microfiber 12"x12" (6-Pack, Yellow) Plush Polishing Cloths for Musical Instruments Cleaning Cloths for Guitar Violin Piano Clarinet Sax Universal (GHS02-HCIS-G-1114-6-Y 1000 pcs Customerized Instrument Cloths)

Sale price$1,226.41


  • MATERIAL: The Premium Care Plush Cloth contains millions of microfibers to pick up and trap dirt, dust and fingerprints whereas traditional cotton cloths can’t do, providing deluxe care on the instrument surface
  • ADVANTAGES: Continous fibers offer truly lint-free and ultrasoft cleaning for modern instrument e.g. Guitar strings after each play, or any chrome or polished surfaces of the instrument, ensuring your valuable instrument remains scratch-free and lint free
  • APPLICATIONS: Truly an all-purpose universal ultrasoft microfiber cloths, especially for cleaning of modern music instruments including Guitar Violin Piano Clarinet Trumpet Sax
  • PACKAGE:6-Pack 12"x12" Cloths Yellow Color with No Logo. It is flexible for buyers to print their own logo onto the premium blank plush cloths to make their own logo shine.
  • Fully Customizable Microfiber Cloths: AAWipes is specialized in developing and manufacturing microfiber cleaning cloths & wipers for a healthy and clean life. These neutral microfiber cleaning cloths come with no logos, therefore, they have the flexibility to have your ow logo printed. Contact us if customize OEM logo printing is needed.

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