Pool Test Kit 7 in 1 |100 Pool Test Strips | Pool PH Testing Kit Super Accurate Water Hardness Acid Test Kit Pool Maintenance Kit for Pool, Hot tub and Spa (K01-1000)

Size: 1000 strips/10 bottles
Sale price$79.68


  • Comprehensive Testing: Our 7-in-1 pool testing kit covers essential chemicals: 1) total hardness, 2) total alkalinity, 3) cyanuric acid, 4) total chlorine, 5) free chlorine, 6) bromine and 7) pH levels, providing a thorough assessment of your pool water quality.
  • Simplified Use Process: Streamline your pool maintenance routine with our easy-to-use poor water testing strips. Simply dip the strip into the water for 2 seconds, wait 30 seconds, and accurately compare the results to the included color chart.
  • Precision and Reliability: Our swimming pool test strips deliver highly accurate readings, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your pool or hot tub water. Test your water at least twice a week for optimal maintenance.
  • Preservation Tips: Maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your pool water test strips by storing them away from moisture and light, sealing the container tightly after each use, and using them within 90 days of opening for optimal results.

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