Multi-purpose Industrial Wipes Cleanroom Wipes | 500 Wipes | 10"× 12", White| Dust-Free Wipes Cellulose/Polyester Blend Disposable, Jumbo Roll, High Absorbency - NW0561012R -10

Select Options: 10-Roll(5000 wipes)
Sale price$400.00


  • Maximum Strength and Durability: These heavy duty disposable shop towels are designed for superior performance, offering maximum strength to tackle tough cleaning tasks including oil, grime, and solvents. This product excels in absorbing water, oil, and various solvents, making it suitable for various tasks such as industrial wiping, degreasing auto parts, maintaining clean rooms, removing oil stains, cleaning laboratory equipment, dusting electronic devices, servicing mechanical equipment, personal hygiene care, and household cleaning. They are built to handle harsh cleaning agents and provide exceptional durability.
  • Unmatched Absorbency and Strength & Multiple Sheet: These paper towels are more absorbent than traditional textile shop rags, making them perfect for even the smallest jobs. They can also be used as reusable paper towels. However, for bigger and dirtier tasks, they can be conveniently disposed of after use. Each roll contains 500 sheets, with each sheet measuring 10x12 inches.
  • Cloth-Like Feel and Enhanced Cleaning: With a cloth-like feel, these high quality cleaning cloths provide a superior cleaning experience. They are designed with an embossed texture that adds extra strength to effectively remove grime. These towels maintain their maximum strength whether used wet or dry.
  • Nearly Lint-Free Cleaning: These paper towel feature a low-lint construction, ensuring a clean finish without leaving behind unwanted fibers. They are ideal for achieving a fresh and pristine result every time. Their superior strength also makes them perfect for cleaning rough edges on equipment without causing any snags or tears.
  • User-Friendly Design: The product features a perforated design for easy tearing, allowing users to use a single sheet or multiple sheets as needed. These heavy duty cleaning wipes are available in economical jumbo rolls, making them easier to dispense. They provide maximum strength and convenience for all your cleaning needs

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