Aquarium Ammonia Test Strips 8-in-1 |100 Strips | Quick & Accurate Water Testing for Freshwater & Saltwater Tanks -Test pH, Carbonate, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chlorine, Nitrite, etc. (K02-1000)

Size: 1000 strips/10 bottles
Sale price$95.99


  • Professional Quality Testing Kit: The AAwipes Aquarium test kit (100 strips) is developed by experts for fish enthusiasts. It offers 8-in-1 testing capabilities, made with high-quality fiber paper and non-bleeding colors. The kit measures key parameters like Free Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Hardness, Carbonate, Total Alkalinity, pH and Ammonia nitrogen.
  • Versatile Use for Freshwater and Ponds: This aquarium water test kit is versatile and suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments. It can be used in various aquariums, fish tanks, ponds, pools, and shrimp tanks, making it easy to monitor water quality and ensure your filter functions properly. Experts recommend testing your aquarium water at least twice a week to maintain optimal water quality.
  • Fast and Accurate Results: Get accurate results in minutes with just 3 steps: 1) Dip the test strip into water for 2 seconds for pads 1-7; dip pad 8 (Ammonia nitrogen) separately for 5 seconds. 2) Remove the strip without shaking off excess water. Hold horizontally for 30 seconds for pads 1-7, wait 180 seconds to read Pad 8 (Ammonia nitrogen). 3) Compare the colors to the chart for up to 99% accuracy and take necessary action.
  • Extended Shelf Life: The test strips are packaged in a well-sealed bottle to ensure they remain effective over time. This protects the strips from moisture and other environmental factors, ensuring you have reliable testing materials on hand when needed.
  • Convenient Use: With this kit, you can test your aquarium water at home without the need to send samples to a lab, saving you both time and money. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your aquarium water is balanced and safe without the stress or extra expense. By identifying potential issues, our fish tank testing kit helps prevent hidden water problems and ensures the safety and well-being of your fish.

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