Mixed Microfiber and Foam Swab Sticks AAwipes Cleaning Swab Kit for Printer, Gun, Optics Lens, Camera, Arts and Crafts, Automotive Detailing(5 Types, Total 1,000 Packs) (No. FAC501)

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  • 【High-Quality Kit】This set includes 5 different types of precision cleaning swabs, crafted from double-knit polyester tips (A5837A, A7166A, A5157A) or foam (C5709C, C714C), all securely attached to polypropylene shafts. Ideal for removing dirt and debris from hard-to-reach surfaces, these swabs boast excellent particle capture and retention properties.
  • 【Compatible with Various Solvents】These cleaning swabs have exceptional compatibility with solvents such as IPA, and are made to be lint-free for easy cleaning. Foam swabs have excellent absorbency and holding capacity for solvents, making them ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces.
  • 【Strict Cleanroom Packaging】Produced and packaged in a Class 100-1000 cleanroom environment, these swabs have low particle and ion content and are free of silicone and amide.
  • 【Measurements】This kit contains 1000 swabs in total, divided into 5 different types with 200 swabs of each type. The types are A5837A, C5709C, A7166A, C714C and A5157A with lengths of 72 mm (2.84"), 105 mm (4.13"), 122 mm (4.80"), 135 mm (5.25"), and 160 mm (6.3") respectively. The head shapes are round, round, flat rectangular, flat rectangular, and round flat with widths of 7 mm (0.15"), 3.4 mm (0.134"), 12 mm (0.47"), 15 mm (0.59"), and 6.8 mm (0.27").
  • 【Multiple Applications】These swabs are perfect for cleaning a wide range of items, such as firearms, inkjet printers, electronics, scientific labs, musical instruments, smartphones, cars, arts & crafts, sewing machines, vents, garage doors, Roland optics, and more. They're also good for liquid application, and surface sampling.

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