Superfine PrintHead Swabs (100-Pieces, Ultrasoft, Super Porous, Angled PU Tip) for Mimaki, Epson, Brother, HP, Roland, DTG, Wide Format Printers. Suitable for Cleaning Guns, Watches, Clocks (ITS-100)

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  • 【Materials】 The swabs have a 106mm length and feature a 5mm diameter polyester foam tip, known for its exceptional absorption and a 50-70 micron super porosity. They are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as printer heads, LCDs, lenses, and circuits. The heads are designed to be replaceable, enhancing cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
  • 【Features】These swabs are meticulously crafted to prevent the shedding of fibers or residues, a crucial aspect for applications like printhead cleaning. The ultra-soft and super porous polyurethane head, coupled with an angled tip, ensures thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, they offer high resistance to heat and chemicals.
  • 【Printter Compatibility】 Specifically designed to fit a variety of common printers or wide format printers, these high-end swabs are compatible with brands such as Brother, Mimaki, Pitney Bowes, HP, and Epson. They are also versatile enough for cleaning guns, watches, and clocks.
  • 【Applications】 Suitable for a broad spectrum of delicate cleaning tasks, these swabs are perfect for electronic components, LCD screens, jewelry, laboratory equipment, printers, computers, micro-chips, and antiques. Their high absorption capacity and lint-free property make them ideal for cleaning surfaces without leaving behind any residue.
  • The ITS Printer Cleaning Swab boasts an advanced design tailored for efficient printer maintenance. Its head is constructed with superporous fibers, measuring 5mm (1.969") in width, 5mm (1.969") in thickness, and 16mm (6.299") in length. The handle, made of durable polypropylene, features a width of 4.95mm (1.949"), a thickness of 4.95mm (1.949"), and a length of 100.0mm (39.370"). The total swab length extends to 118.0mm (46.457"). The head bond is thermal, ensuring a secure connection. In sleek black color, the design includes a PU head, thin rod, and diagonal wiping rod for precision cleaning. Elevate your printer maintenance with the ITS series swabs cutting-edge features.

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