Camera Maintenance Tools Sensor Cleaning Swabs for Full Frame Sensor of DDR24 DSLR or SLR (1000 Pieces of 24mm Sensor Cleaning Swabs) (No. HCS-24-50)

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  1. The microfiber swabs are produced using laser-cut technology in a Cleanroom 100 level workshop, and are super fine, flexible, smooth, and lint-free. They do not cause any damage to sensitive sensors, and effectively remove invisible dust and particles without leaving any fluff behind.

  2. The swabs have a 24mm cleaning head and are specifically designed for cleaning full-frame or Type 3 sensors, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning.

  3. They can be used to clean a range of sensitive sensors, optics lens, filters, LCD/plasma display, CCD/CMOS or other photosensitive parts, as well as the edge of palm computer & PDA, Mobile phone accessories etc.

  4. The swabs are vacuum-sealed, with 1000 pieces of 24mm x 120mm microfiber lens sensor cleaning swabs, packed individually in vac-sealed packaging. This comprises 50 bags, each containing 20 packs, for a total of 1000 pieces. Please note that cleaning solution is not included.

  5. The manufacturer offers a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, and specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of cleaning and sanitary supplies.

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