Sticky Swab Gel (2.0 mm/0.08 inch Tipped Head, 100 Swabs Blue) Sticky Pen Silicone Gel Stick for Camera Sensors, LCD, Semiconductors, PCB, SMT & Watches etc. (No. GSB-SS-T-100)

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  • MATERIAL: The transparent, adhesive silicone head has a high viscosity that effectively removes dust from grooves and slots, making it ideal for cleaning sensitive electronic equipment. The head and stainless steel rod are firmly combined and the head is soft to prevent damage to equipment. It is also designed to be compact and easy to use, making it a convenient tool for cleaning small areas and removing excess material without leaving scratches or stains.
  • FEATURES: This professional cleaning swab has a compact and flexible design for easy use. The soft head ensures that it won't damage equipment, and the head and rod are securely attached. The high sensitivity rubber head effectively removes dirt and fingerprints without leaving scratches on the screen.
  • BENEFITS: Cleanroom Silicone Swab Gel Sticky Pen offers low residue and particle generation for easy cleaning, with a high absorption capacity and good solvent retention. Additionally, it features electrostatic discharge (ESD) control without carbon or metal loads, and a non-ionic antistatic agent for consistent performance. It works effectively in any humidity and when used with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, it safely dissipates charge in seconds.
  • APPLICATIONS: Gel Sticky Pen is specifically designed for cleaning a variety of electronic and precision equipment, including wafer and semiconductor parts, LED/LCD surfaces, glass lenses, watch parts, mirror reflection microscopes, camera sensors, hard disk drivers, and small, hard-to-reach areas. It is also suitable for removing excess material in cleanrooms with a rating of 10-5000.
  • PACKAGING & DIRECTION FOR USE: Gel Sticky Pen comes packaged in a box of 100, with each swab measuring 7.85cm/3.09 inches in total length and 2.0mm/0.08 inches in head diameter. Each swab is individually sealed and comes with a dust-free storage box for easy storage. To use, simply press the sticky gel end onto the target and repeatedly pull off to remove dust and oil from sensors or other delicate areas. Each gel stick can be reused up to 60 times before losing its effectiveness.

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