Aerospace Aviation Cleanroom Wipers 9"x9" Double Knit 100% Polyester Wipes Lint Free Cloths with Ultra-fine Filaments, Laser Sealed Edge, ISO 4-5, Class 10-100 Cloths, Ultra-Soft Wipes(No. CP14009-140 Bags/10 Boxes for Mac)

Select Options: 140 Bags in 10 Boxes with Distributor Pricing
Sale price$2,590.00


  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester.
  • FEATURES: 100% High-Strength Polyester Microfiber Cleanroom Cloth is laser cut with ultrasonically sealed edges. Manufactured in class 10-100 (ISO Class 4-5) cleanroom environment, laundered in ultra-pure water, and hermetically sealed. Extremely soft, non-abrasive material. Fast-drying, high-density weave that increases absorption multiple times. High-strength, lint-free, synthetic fiber filaments resist wear and tear, keeping your cleanroom clean!
  • APPLICATIONS: Our cleanroom wipes are designed for a diverse array of cleaning applications from automotive and manufacturing to cleanroom and laboratory settings. Use in SMT electronics factories to remove excess solder paste. Clean a variety of electronic, mechanical, electrical, optical, and precision instruments. Wipe down sensitive components such as printing machines, lenses, microelectronics, and even workstation surfaces.
  • PACKAGING: 9" Length x 9" Width, 150 clothes/bag. 14 Bag/Box, 10 Boxes or 140 Bags in this special link. They are all treated with proper edge treatment and sealed in poly bags.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: We also provide customized production for different wipes with unlimited choice in size, cleanliness level, packaging options, and dispensing options to suit your cleanroom supplies needs. (Small Order Acceptable, ODM Accepted, OEM Accepted).

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